“And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.” – Romans 8:28

Last week, we deduced that, at the national level, as we make a valiant attempt to grow our economies in 2019, the concepts of balance and synergy are paramount.

It is appropriate that we extend this concept to the business where the action takes place.

Balance may be defined as a state of equilibrium in a partnership. If the systems of business, which encompass a sound structure, risk management, life, growth and sustainability, are to lead to sustainable success, the partners in the process – leader, team member, product/service, shepherd and client – must be in balance.

The role of leader is to create the vision, set targets, select team members, motivate team members, monitor the performance and take corrective action when there is a deviation from expectation. The role of the team member is to respond positively and in harmony with the team leader’s guidance and achieve the targets set.

The specification and continuous improvement of the product/service facilitates the team member’s efficient delivery to the client. The role of the shepherd is to creatively transfer knowledge and experience directly to the team member to augment effectiveness; and the role of the client is to interact with the team leader and team member to ensure that needs of the client are satisfied.

Synergy may be defined as the working together of two things to produce an effect greater than the sum of their individual effects.

Each partner is important, but their synergistic effect is significant. There are five partners, therefore 10 combinations of two partners each. If we develop the synergies associated with each of these 10 combinations, there is a cumulative explosive potential for an increase in efficiency in the operation of the business.

Here is a guide as to how the synergy may work: (1) The leader and team member combine to create a bond of loyalty and commitment which reflects the core values of the company. (2) The leader and product/service combine to define a clear vision as to what the company offers. (3) The leader and shepherd combine to augment the basic skills of team members. (4) The leader and client combine to ensure that the client’s best interest is continually being served.

(5) The team member and the product/service combine to increase confidence in the ability to deliver timely solutions. (6) The team member and the shepherd combine to augment the chances of innovative solutions and foster the concept of over delivery in the best interest of the client.

(7) The team member and client combine to develop a bond which strengthens the chances of the client’s growth. (8) The product/service and shepherd combine to enhance product development. (9) The product/service and the client combine to build confidence in the company’s impact on the client’s growth. (10) The shepherd and the client combine to monitor overall client satisfaction.

As we continue our corporate journeys through 2019, let us inspire balance among our stakeholders and engender synergy between combinations of pairs of partners.