Nothing Beats Business Success (NBBS) services are provided by Marketplace Excellence Corporation, a New Jersey based Sub-chapter S corporation.

Company Background

Marketplace Excellence Corp. is a full service, integrated marketing firm committed to excellence in the fields of public relations, marketing and media coaching.

At Marketplace Excellence, we assemble world class talent into a center of excellence that expedites the delivery of products and services to the global marketplace.

With headquarters in New Jersey and satellite offices in the United States, Canada and the Caribbean, Marketplace Excellence serves the communications needs of small businesses, corporations, individuals, governments, universities and humanitarian and development organizations, including several United Nations agencies.

Our team comprises internationally recognized and award-winning communicators and media strategists, including writers, editors, producers, public relations experts, media coaches, photographers, videographers and image consultants with experience in media organizations such as ABC, BET, CNN and NBC as well as numerous Caribbean media outlets, including the Caribbean Broadcasting Union and the Caribbean Media Corporation.

MPE Mission Statement:

“To convert the gifts, talents and abilities of our clients and team members into excellence and value in the marketplace; and to deliver first class products and services to markets in the Caribbean, North America and beyond”.

Core Values:

An insatiable appetite for excellence, based on Biblical principles with high standards of honesty and ethical practices.

Additional information is available at our corporate website Marketplace Excellence Corporation.