“The Lord is my Shepherd I shall not want.” – Psalm 23:1

My son, Bevan, shared with me a recent message from Bishop Dale C. Bronner, Founder/Sr. Pastor of Word of Faith Family Worship Cathedral in Atlanta.

Over the last few weeks the theme was “AWE-PSALM” where Bishop Bronner’s teachings were based on the 23rd Psalm. I listened to the last installment and found it to be very relevant for the end of a calendar year, when we often reflect on the past, plan strategically for the coming year, build on our strengths, identify obstacles, accept new challenges, and embrace new opportunities. In short, we focus on setting positive intentions with New Year Resolutions.

Bishop Bonner explained that the path in life, as in business, is continually populated with peaks and valleys. No sooner than we traverse a valley we are faced with conquering a mountain peak, and as we progress to the next valley the sequence continues. The peaks provide us with vision and the valleys allow us to mature. These contrasting perspectives help us to understand the relationship between vision and action and, moreso, to recognize the importance of the verses “The Lord is my Shepherd” and “Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me.”

At the end of the year, it is good business practice to reflect on the experiences of the mountain peaks and the valleys we have traversed in each of five business systems – governance (structure), financial investment (risk management), marketing (life), operational efficiency (profitability/growth), and sustainability (unlocking human potential).

We may observe overall strengths in the performance of the company, but there may be some kinks in the armory that have to be addressed by changing the rules or controls to effect better governance.

When a company is successful, all stakeholders collectively contribute to this success. They must all be recognized for their team spirit and be rewarded according to their hierarchy of needs. In this way the company’s financial investments will remain secure.

Marketing is the life of a company and as the world changes, we have no claim on the status quo. We therefore have to be continually exploring diverse sources of increased revenue to minimize risk of revenue decline.

Increase in profitability is the measure of growth in a business. It can increase by increasing revenue streams, increasing productivity and efficiency, and by reducing costs.

Sustainability is best explained by the triple bottom line concept. When profitability is healthy, people are happy, and we have done our best to protect our planet by looking after the physical environment.

The collective strategies for the management of change over the five business systems will guide you to a meaningful set of New Year Resolutions for your business.


In the world of business, we continually will encounter a sequence of mountain peaks and valleys. When we are on the peaks we get our vision. When we are in the valleys the rivers flow and we act and become mature. Vision and action induce synergy.

Yea, though we walk through the valley of the shadow of death, we will fear no evil; For You are with us; Your rod and Your staff, they comfort us – Psalm 23:4

A Happy and holistically prosperous New Year to you all!