“May you be rooted deep in love and founded securely on love.” – Ephesians 3:17


“Each Life stands in a beam of Light which draws its energy from an infinite pool of Love”. This inspirational statement may be found in a scrolling sequence which adorns the homepage of my website – www.nothingbeatsbusiness.com. Alternatively, we may say, more succinctly – God is Love!


We are all spiritual beings mastering an earthly experience. When the spirit leaves the body and mind behind, when our sojourn on earth comes to an end, I believe that the spirit returns to the infinite pool of love whence it came.


Economic growth and ultimately personal happiness depends to a large extent on the sustainable success of one business after another. My passion in life is to try to help entrepreneurs to become successful business persons recognizing, of course, that harmony among us on earth will be facilitated by a balance between the left and right brain functions.


The daily turmoil that takes place on earth manifested by negative emotions, e.g. greed, egos, anger, worry, guilt, fear, insecurity and hate, can be quite devastating and we owe it to mankind, each and every one of us, to make this earth a better place. What if we placed a greater emphasis on the positive impact of love on a daily basis?


As part of the shepherding process I engage entrepreneurs in skill-set change to stimulate the entrepreneur to grow business by enhancing business management systems as well as in mind-set change to inspire positive affirmations of abundance.


The strategy is to attune entrepreneurs and others to positive affirmations of passion, persistence and patience, in pursuit of  happiness, encouraging them to attain and maintain high healthy levels of energy as they engage in their spiritual, emotional, mental, physical,  financial and business lives.


Spiritually, we must continually communicate with God through prayer and, through meditation, listen to the whispers from heaven.


Emotionally, we must develop strong and lasting relationships of love with our families, friends and colleagues.


Mentally, we must take every opportunity to focus on the now and improve the clarity of our minds by learning, both formally and informally, in as diverse a manner as is possible, as we embrace the discovery spectrum from data, information, knowledge, understanding, insight to wisdom.


Physically, we must pay attention to nutrition, exercise, sleep, peace of mind and touch, on a daily basis, to optimize our alertness, appearance and body mass index.


Financially, we must design our lives in such a way to utilize the 24 hours a day that has been provided to each one of us effectively by maximizing our productivity, increasing our income to help ourselves and others, and minimizing the waste of our resources. Above all we need to design our investment strategies to generate returns “while we sleep”.


For those of us who are entrepreneurs , we need to convert our ideas and innovations into thriving businesses and we need to recognize that shepherding increases the chances of businesses success.



Let us strive, in our daily lives, to exude expressions of love in the actions of our bodies, minds and spirits, as a countervailing force to the negative influences on earth, so that collectively we may make the world a better place.


(Dr. Basil Springer GCM is Change-Engine Consultant, Caribbean Business Enterprise Trust Inc. – CBET. His email address is basilgf57@gmail.com and his columns may be found at www.cbetmodel.org and www.nothingbeatsbusiness.com.)