“The child grew and became strong, filled with wisdom.” – Luke 2:40
The first week of May, may be referred to as the Springer grandchildren birthday celebration week.

The world wide web facilitated, albeit virtually, participation in the celebrations. In each case there was the observation “Oh how much they have grown”.

In the business environment, the expectation of enterprises as they celebrate annual milestones is also about growth. The question in this situation is what has been the incremental contribution to growth in the economy in the past year? If the answer is poor growth, then our leaders must do something about it.

DailyWord.com shared an article on “Growth” on Tuesday, May 5 subtitled: “I continue to grow in spiritual awareness”.

It reads: “As an adult, I have stopped growing physically, yet I have many opportunities to grow emotionally and spiritually. Willingness to consider new ideas is key to my growth now. A plant grows in the right conditions and with proper nourishment. Similarly, I grow as I feed my mind and spirit. I pray and meditate regularly. I read uplifting books and articles. I may take part in classes and workshops to expand my spiritual understanding. As I grow, I broaden my awareness of what is around me and within me. I become mindful of beautiful serendipities in my life. I learn to observe my feelings and thoughts, my actions, reactions, and responses. In all things, I see the presence of God.”

In a few of my last columns the responses were overwhelming, so I thought I would share some of them with you.

On April 13 the column was entitled “Together as One” and the summary paragraph read: “Let us resolve to be innovative in finding solutions in our political, economic, spiritual, intellectual, emotional, financial, business, environmental protection and healthy lifestyles; let us work together for the common good rather than to fritter away our slender resources fighting against each other”.

Responses included:

(1) Good article, nice ideals, but as your sister said, are we mature enough to work together for a common good? As David Rudder said “in this tiny theatre of conflict and confusion, better known as the Isles of the West Indies, we already know who brought us here and who created this confusion.”

(2) Excellent reading material Basil. I am sharing with my son the ever watchful political mindset.

On April 27 the column was entitled “What A Wonderful World” and the summary paragraph read: “Let us become engulfed in love and take our places as part of God’s family.”

Responses included:

(3) Your timing couldn’t have been better for me. I had a terrible last week with stresses and even a conflict with my business partner. I took some great lessons and reminders from your words. Almost as good as if I were speaking directly with you.

(4) A neat way to summarize what you are advocating is to say that we need to move beyond winner take all politics right now.

(5) In Dubai this would have been addressed the moment the idea was conceived and there was recognition there was a traffic problem. There is a case to be made for this type of governance in Dubai in that even though it is not a democracy (as described by the west), the UAE in general is very pro development, progressive and unconstrained by red tape and political grandstanding (similar to Singapore).

On May 4, the column was entitled: “Planting Seeds of Inspiration” and the summary paragraph read: “Let us plant seeds of inspiration in the garden of youth and let us nurture them with the grace of God and watch them grow so as to engender a sustainable future for posterity.”

The responses:

(6) I think one of the “attractions” of negative journalism is that people are in so much pain and negativity themselves that there is an underlying comfort in the knowledge that other people are suffering too. We must really learn to truly love ourselves.

(7) This article could not have been more timely. You are sooooooooooo correct in your evaluation as I keep saying that media houses have such a big part to play that they feel that by sensationalizing news that papers will sell or that they will have a greater viewing public. I just do not know however I totally ascribe to your views as there is already so much negatives around the world that thank God we can “lift our eyes unto the hills from whence cometh our help”.

(8) Perhaps you should consider having a monthly article in one of our Trinidad business newspapers; it will certainly reach more of the people who need to be reminded of this and, who knows, maybe one day we will see that shift. I, myself, no longer spare my time for the news and pass over the dreaded articles in the newspaper in search for the more uplifting read. I do flip the channel to news from time to time and if it’s good I hold the button and if it is not I press. If we, more so those who inform and even entertain, would bombard the society with all the positives that are in motion then soon enough a greater percentage will be talking about all that is good and then the atmosphere will be charged with an amazing force of good energy.

May the grandchildren grow, with continual nurturing from their parents, and find their respective niches in the world, as their forefathers have done. May young entrepreneurs and enterprise development stakeholders grow, with continual mentoring from their Shepherds, and continue to contribute growth and fulfillment to make the world a better place in which posterity will thrive.

(Dr. Basil Springer GCM is Change-Engine Consultant, Caribbean Business Enterprise Trust Inc. – CBET. His columns may be found at www.cbetmodel.org and www.nothingbeatsbusiness.com.)