“He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty” – Psalm 91:1

Life is driven by Positive Belief systems: ambition; self-confidence; good relationships; and security. We aspire to these goals and seek continuous improvement. Perfection is the preserve of the divine. Place oneself in the shadow of the Almighty.

The Barbados Entrepreneurship Foundation’s Summit has created a ground-swell of expectation.  The Chamber of Commerce is promoting a new Bridgetown Barbados Brand around the theme of “Centres of Excellence”. The new-look Business Barbados 2011 edition, produced by Miller Publishing Co., is “hot off the press”.  It shares according to Keith Miller “20 high quality articles and nine investor testimonials dedicated to a specific reason why potential investors should choose Barbados…thus making it easier for investors to find what they are looking for from their own particular perspective.”

These three private sector thrusts, supported by public sector led institutions such as Invest Barbados and the Barbados Investment & Development Corporation form a smart partnership to sustain and inspire growth.

Keith Miller himself leads with an article “Barbados has chosen to focus on quality so that quality will choose to focus on Barbados”.  The publication is a comprehensive dossier for all investors. The articles reflect topics which promote the fact that Barbados is an investor-friendly country, indeed, an oasis for discerning investors, with natural beauty and economic, political and social stability.  It is a favourable tax environment which makes it a jurisdiction of choice for investors.  Barbados has a well-grounded legal tradition which provides support for a stable financial sector with global outreach. Barbados has inherited a tradition of quality education at all levels which we must carefully protect and then retain the beneficiaries within our shores.

Barbados has been said, by no less a person than the former UN Secretary General, Kofi Annan, to “punch above its weight”. It has an excellent communications and technology platform and one of the targets of the Barbados Entrepreneurial Foundation and the Chamber of Commerce, within the next year, is to be the first jurisdiction of its size offering free Wi-Fi service “That binds our hearts from coast to coast; The pride of nationhood”.

Barbados has been said to be a jurisdiction of substance, a place to live, work and play and global businesses have already chosen Barbados as their world headquarters. We have a successful social partnership model where it is recognised that, in order for a country to gain global recognition, its stakeholders must all engage in smart partnership so as to advance in harmony.

In Barbados, the Government, the private sector and the trade unions work together. This 18 year old formal relationship, the leader in Latin America and the Caribbean, has been credited for its contribution to Barbados’ progress to date.

Barbados enjoys an enviable quality of life and lifestyle and has earned the reputation of being a good global citizen. Barbados has a highly competent medical profession with a well developed health care infrastructure. This is, indeed, attracting many potential investors interested in specialised medical care in a salubrious environment and, of course, with the distinct potential for medical tourism.

Barbados is a leading ‘second home’ destination, but the attractive real estate development sector is now stimulating a trend to be a ‘first home’ destination. The construction standards are world class. It has a budding green economy.  There is one regret: not enough attention is being paid to sustainable agriculture. There is significant potential to grow food for several diverse markets including hotels, restaurants, institutions, supermarkets, cruise ships (which home-port in Barbados), import substitution, exports and farmers’ markets; not to speak of  the potential of West Indies Sea Island cotton.

The consulting environment is diversified and dynamic and, in the context of national planning for future success, Barbados is promoting the balanced score card approach. Sustained economic growth, can only take place one successful enterprise after another. Associated with an enterprise is the entrepreneur and, hence, the thrust of the Barbados Entrepreneurship Foundation to provide pillar supports for entrepreneurs viz: Government Policy, Business Facilitation, timely Access to Finance, Training of the Talent Pool, and Mentoring and Shepherding.

Barbados has gone through agrarian reform, the industrial revolution, the information age and is now witnessing an upsurge of activity in the creative industries where knowledge and talent have become the fourth factor of production complementing materials, manpower and money. These creative industries include film, fashion, fine arts, culinary art, drama and music, which take us into the field of intellectual property management.

As Barbados develops its brand, its Caribbean neighbours should also feel an upsurge in the potential to grow, thus making the multi-national, multi-ethnic, multi-lingual, multi-cultural and multi-religious Caribbean Pot Pourri the most sought after destination in the world.

John Maxwell in his Leadership promises describes the security that believers can enjoy, through faith in God.  “Leaders especially can benefit from this set of promises.  Study them and enjoy them: (1) God’s presence – it does not have to be lonely at the top; (2) God’s protection – as you take initiative and risks, God keeps you safe;  (3) God’s peace – you do not have to feel insecure in unknown territory; (4) God’s perspective – God gives the external view of life that keeps you steady; (5) God’s provision – regardless of your needs God meets them; (6) God’s power – in adversity, God delivers and helps you reach your goal.